You don’t need a studio to be an Artist

You don’t need a studio in order to create!

Just take over one corner of the house with good lighting and use it everyday. Because creating art is more important than a tidy house. 😜❤️

Here’s a tip to help the family/housemates cope with the mess. Use it everyday (or as regular as possible) - this way they will also enjoy the creative energy that flows from the space and will come to look forward to seeing the new creations each day. It also helps to justify the mess if it’s used regularly.

And don’t spread out (this is hard) - keep the creative chaos to this one space.

In return you will be rewarded with a daily lure to continue your creative flow each time you walk past. And a much higher chance of putting the time aside to nurture that part of yourself.

Of course a studio helps a lot (I used to have one)🤣 but it’s not always possible and shouldn’t stop you. I’m lucky to have such a supportive husband and family who enjoy watching my creative evolution enough to put up with my mess.

This is me currently set up in what used to be our dining room. But it has the most beautiful light through the day and a gorgeous view of the Brindabella mountains. It reminds me of Margaret Olley. ❤️

Who else is enjoying making art in a not so Instagram studio?