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Casual 1 Day Workshop - Brookfield - Wed 6 March

Casual 1 Day Workshop - Brookfield - Wed 6 March

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I‘m back in Brisbane for a week so took the opportunity to set up a 1 day workshop at the Brookfield Art Pavilion. 

I've been doing lots of painting and have lots of new insights to share. What I’m excited to show is how to paint solvent free! I’ve been painting like this for 2 months and love it. 

I’ll start with a demo to get everyone refreshed (bring a notebook!) and then I’ll let you get on with a painting of your choice. You can use the time to get my help on a piece you’ve been working on or start something new. 


Time: 9am - 4pm

Location: Brookfield Art Pavilion (Brisbane West)

Oil or Acrylic 


Bring your usual painting supplies. I will have a limited kit with me due to travel space. 

Location Directions:

The Art Pavillion, 550C Brookfield Road
Brookfield, Queensland 4069

It is the first driveway on the left after the Boscombe road turn off and before you reach the General Store - through the gate with white timber, on the hill behind the Showground oval. If you miss the turn off you can continue to the roundabout, turn around and come back.

For more information go to the FAQs page on my website